Will my dental treatment hurt?

Most dental treatment procedures are painless.  Our state of the art facility and technology allows us to provide treatment to our patients without causing pain.  However, in some cases there may be slight discomfort before, during or after treatment.  Our dental team will typically provide local anesthetic for the treatment area.  We also offer other options such as nitrous oxide and preoperative medication to help ease dental anxiety.

Do I have treatment options?

We try to provide the most effective treatment for your dental needs. Sometimes, treatment options are available for unique situations. Our dental team wants to help you keep your teeth healthy, so we review and discuss treatment before, during and after your appointment. Some options may not be available for all patients. If you are concerned or would like to review alternative treatments, let us know. We would be glad to help.

It's just a cleaning…isn't it?

Professional Dental Cleanings are very important. They often will help prevent restorative treatment from needing to be done. Prevention is key to oral health and body health. Professional Dental Cleanings are best provided by Dental Hygienists. Each patient has unique dental needs and some patients may require deeper dental cleanings or Periodontal Maintenance. We can tell you more about your dental needs at your next Professional Dental Cleaning appointment.


Will my insurance cover this?

Dental Insurance coverage is unique by plan and patient. Our administrative team works hard to understand as many plans as possible. Most insurance companies provide generalized breakdown of benefits. This guide is not a guarantee of payment from your insurance company. If you are concerned about treatment cost let us know, we can review your estimated benefits with you and help make financial arrangements.

You billed my insurance incorrectly…all I had was a cleaning.

Our office submits dental claims on behalf of our patients. We submit treatment actually performed. There are varieties of Professional Dental Cleanings. Each patient is unique and subsequently, your Professional Dental Cleaning may be different from another family member. Insurance carriers typically pay 100% of Routine or "Healthy" dental cleanings. Some patient's general health may be "healthy" but the Oral Cavity may be "Unhealthy" and in need of additional help. These cleanings are often referred to as "Deep Cleanings" or "Periodontal Maintenance". Insurance carriers often pay these types of cleanings at 80% or 50%. Seeing your Dental Hygienist on a regular basis can sometimes help eliminate the need for "deep cleanings".


How long will my appointment be?

Each dental procedure is slightly different. To help with scheduling we always request the time our dental team needs to provide the quality dental care you deserve. Most hygiene appointments are scheduled for about 1 hour. Large restorative appointments with the Doctors can sometimes take up to a few hours. We will always let you know how long we anticipate your appointment to be. When scheduling we ask that you reserve the appropriate time in your schedule, as we have done in ours.

I have to wait how long…?!

Scheduling is not an easy thing to do, especially when we try to accommodate as many of our patient schedules as we can. Sometimes it means we are scheduling more than a few weeks out. There are many factors that go into schedule appointments for our patients. The time needed to provide the appropriate treatment for you, your personal and work schedules, education days, and the list can go on and on. Some of these factors can make it seem difficult to get back in. Often our "hot spots" (first/last appointments of the day) are booked 6, 7, or 8 months in advance. However, we try to accommodate all our patients. We always keep a list of "Priority Calls", patients who would like to come in sooner if we have cancelations. Let us know if you would like to be added.

Why don't you have extended hours?

Our dental team tries to offer as many hours as we can. We believe in a solid work – life balance. So, many of us have families and other commitments that do not allow us to extend our hours. We review our business hours periodically and offer to change to accommodate more options for patients as we can. We currently offer a 7:10 am hygiene appointment for patients of record. 

Why can't the Doctor do my cleaning?

The doctors are very busy and would love to do your cleaning for you. However, our Hygienists are so great at providing Professional Dental Cleanings; our Doctors recommend all cleanings to be done by them. Our hygienists are trained especially to provide the quality Professional Dental Cleaning you deserve. They maintain their knowledge and skills by attending continuing education classes and seminars designed specifically for them. While our Doctors can perform Professional Dental Cleanings, they are trained to be experts in other dental services.

Why can't your office do the treatment here?

There are many dental services that we can do for you and there are many that we may refer to a specialist. As a General Dental Practice, we provide many quality dental procedures and often we will try our best to treat you ourselves. However, there are many unique circumstances that would warrant the need for us to refer you to see a specialist. Specialists are great at what they do because they are experts at the procedure. We may refer you for a Root Canal, Extraction, or Periodontal Services. We will always keep you informed of your treatment and only refer you if we see unique benefits of doing so.

Do I have to see that Provider?

We try not to select "favorites", but sometimes we find a unique connection with a patient or vice versa. If you "prefer" to see a select provider, we are alright with that and will not be offended. We do encourage you to meet all of our team, in the event that your "preferred" provider is out of the office or unavailable. However, sometimes it is important that you see a select provider. If we have performed treatment on you and something has happened, our Doctor and Hygienists like to review and possibly repair the treatment they provided for you. If there are any concerns about seeing or not seeing any of our team, please feel free to discuss the concerns with our Office Manager.