SMile Care Club Membership Programs

Our newest in office program for patients without dental insurance benefits. Our Practice is always pleased to offer our patients affordable dentistry. We are excited to offer our Smile Care Club Memberships.

Our Smile Care Club is designed as an alternative to dental insurance and is not an insurance policy. We understand that dental insurance premiums sometimes are far more costly than paying for dental care directly. Therefore we have designed several options for our patients who cannot obtain or do not have access to dental insurance. Each membership allows patients to maintain their routine dental health at an affordable monthly payment and receive discounts on restorative treatment needs with the Doctor.

We offer three Smile Care Club Membership options to fit most patient needs. Each Membership is uniquely designed to cover the appropriate interval of Profession Oral Hygiene visits to help patients maintain a healthy mouth.

All Membership programs include:

Professional Hygiene visits

Oral Wellness exams

Necessary Dental Check up X-rays when needed 

One Emergency Visit (including necessary x-rays)

One Complimentary Home Care Product at each hygiene visit*

10% Discount on Restorative Treatment when paid in full at time of service**

Call or text us today at 860-346-2470 to ask how you can join our Smile Care Club!

NEw Patient Membership Program

We understand that as a New Patient, you are looking for the right dental practice to take care of your needs. As with any patient, dental treatment can be costly. As a New Patient, you may or may not have been seen regularly for dental care in past, and that is okay.

New patients can join the appropriate Smile Care Club Membership once we have determined the best course of treatment for you. Your New patient visit is included with a down payment.

Call or text us today at 860-346-2470 to ask how you can join our Smile Care Club!

*Complimentary products vary by patient needs and frequency requirements

**10% discount is only given when paid at the time of service and cannot be given when using CareCredit as payment.

Our Smile Care Club is for treatment provided in our practice ONLY and is NOT transferable to another family member or Dental Practice.