Practice Policy

Having dental insurance today’s age is a privilege. Many patients do not have access or cannot afford quality dental insurance. Dental insurance has not changed much over the years and often does not cover many dental treatments entirely. Dental insurance is designed to HELP offset the cost of dental treatment.

We are asked often to explain our dental insurance processing policies. Our team makes every effort to know and understand as many policies as possible, however, it is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to know and understand their own dental policy. The policy is a contract between, you the patient and your insurance, not our practice. You are responsible for the entire cost of any treatment we provide. Our Office Manager and Insurance guru, Stefanie, would be happy to sit and contact your insurance plan with you.

In the meantime, below are the two most common questions we are asked. 

I can't find you in my network? 

Our practice believes in providing ALL patients with quality dental care. We provide the best quality dental materials, dental lab work, technologies and one to one patient care that we would like to receive ourselves.

We work with many Dental Insurance Carriers, both in and out of network. Our practice reviews and negotiates contracts with insurance carriers every year. Some years we are able to negotiate great reimbursement rates on behalf of our patients. It the choice of each dental office to either participate with insurance carriers or not. By participating with an insurance plan, our practice has agreed to accept a lesser fee for our quality dental treatment we provide. Unfortunately, not all insurance carrier rates of reimbursement are equal and/or reasonable. This makes the choice of participating or not participating in dental insurance plans very difficult.

We gladly accept most insurance plans and will process claims as a courtesy to our patients. We continually follow dental claims and submit all necessary documentation to obtain the best benefits for you. We are in network with Delta Dental and Cigna DPPO.

If you have specific network questions, the best resource is your insurance carrier. We are happy to help answer any questions we can about dental reimbursements. Give us a call today at 860-346-2470!

I have to pay what?

Dental coverage is very different from your medical insurance and so are co-payments. For all patients with insurance coverage, we ask that you pay your estimated co-payment at the time of service. Our office will provide you with an estimate of treatment costs when you schedule for treatment with our dental team. We cannot guarantee any estimate of insurance benefits until your insurance carrier has processed and paid a claim. We strive to be as accurate as possible. We offer many types of payment options to help you cover your out of pocket expenses.

Remember, we are happy to help you as best as we can. It is always a good idea to know and understand your own insurance policy. All insurance carriers share more information with patients than they do with our practice.